Innovation: Biopolymer potato bags are ‘Tater Made’

Anne Marie Mohan, Senior Editor, Packaging World reports that Wada Farms uses a bag made partially from potato starch for its Idaho Potatoes that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, the use of petroleum-based plastics, and excess film gauge.

According to company President Kevin Stanger, Wada is always looking for opportunities to promote and provide better, more sustainable packaging for its products as well.

In 2013, when resin producer BioLogiQ began marketing its NuPlastiQ® thermoplastic starch (TPS) biopolymer, Wada decided to work with the supplier to design a bag for its Idaho Potatoes that incorporates the material.

Today the potato starch-based “Tater Made” bag can be found in Walmart as well as in other retailers in Idaho and Colorado and provides the same, if not better, strength, printability, and appearance as Wada’s traditional petroleum-based polyethylene bags, with a 20% to 30% reduction in film.

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