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Report: ‘All imported potatoes arriving in Belgium have been sold in advance’

According to a report by FreshPlaza earlier today, “the imported potato season is in full swing in Europe. Spain, Portugal and Sicily are now in production,” the report says.

Cyprus had a lower yield than normal this year, FreshPlaza reports, and the Israeli season has now finished. Demand and supply are well-balanced, everything arriving on the market has been sold in advance. As a result, prices are high, and it doesn’t look as if prices will drop considerably any time soon,” reportedly said by Bart Nemegheer of De Aardappelhoeve.

“The stocks of Belgian potatoes are completely empty. The old harvest is gone. Of the volumes still left, quality no longer meets requirements,” Neighmeer reportedly told FreshPlaza.

The exporters of southern countries anticipated the low yields of Belgium’s latest harvest, and they anticipated that demand for new potatoes would start early.

“We had years when containers with first potatoes were shipped without destinations, but that won’t be the case this year. Everything has already been placed, and that takes the weight of the market. Yet we’ve noticed consumers becoming more and more sensitive to imported products. They prefer local products, but when we don’t have those, they have no choice but to switch to other origins,” Bart said according to FreshPlaza.

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