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Canada: Manitoba potato crop off to slow start

Potato planting has been wrapped up in Manitoba for a couple of weeks, PortageOnline reports.

Vikram Bisht with Manitoba Agriculture says things have been slow going to this point.

“We were about a week earlier than before, planting-wise, however the soils were a bit cool and that has delayed the emergence. By this time we normally have 50 per cent of the potato fields with emergence, right now we probably are about 5 per cent, maybe 7 per cent, emergence. Things are moving a bit slow because the soils are still cool further down.”

Bisht says there is good soil moisture at this point and he doesn’t expect farmers to be irrigating anytime soon, although some farmers were irrigating in the west to help reduce erosion during some windy days.

Report by Cory Knutt, PortageOnline