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X-ray vision said to pay dividends for Australian potato packing industry

In Victoria, Australia the first trials of x-ray technology in a potato packing facility are underway. In a recent article in Potatoes Australia magazine the benefits of the technology are explained.

A 32-year strong partnership between Red Gem (potato growers) and supermarket chain Coles has culminated in an investment that may change the shape of the Australian potato industry.

In 2018, Red Gem received a $350,000 Coles Nurture Fund loan to implement x-ray vision technology into their potato packing facility, which is expected to deliver improvements in the quality of Crème Royale potatoes supplied to Coles.

Robert Cerchiaro of Red Gem was searching for technology to improve potato growing standards and enhance potato quality for consumers. This search led him overseas to the United States and Europe. In the US, Robert found this x-ray vision system, which is used by most food manufacturers for metal detection.

“It takes an image of the potato based on density, so it sizes fantastically, but it also sees through the potato, looking for holes, voids and density changes. As soon as I saw the x-ray vision system, I thought that this is what we need for our brushed potatoes – the help we’re looking for is this system,” – bringing the ground-breaking technology into the packing shed has already made an impact on the business.

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