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What’s Happening at Potato News Today?

Welcome to Potato News Today, dear folks – and thanks for taking the time to stop by, okay? I do appreciate it!

Folks, I recently installed a subscription-based service, as you might have noticed. Some content will still be free – but, in order to maintain the site and continue operations here, some sort of a basic pay model had to be put into place, okay?

I honestly and truly apologize for doing this, but really folks, I had no other choice and had to do it… Sorry again, okay?

So then, if you would like to signup for a subscription today and help me fund this site if you find it useful at all, I will no doubt appreciate it, please? We receive a significant amount of traffic on a daily basis from visitors all around the world, as you probably realize – and, in turn, this site takes more of my time to manage and keep updated daily, of course.

If you choose to not sign up, that’s okay too – but you will be limited to viewing my ‘Free’ content’ and not have access to all articles I post daily here. If you already have an account, you can login here.

Thank you so very much for reading and supporting Potato News Today, folks! The potato industry is the best of them all – no doubt in my mind, at least… Talking to other folks from the other crop industries here, they assure me that we are tops – really?

Please visit often and share with your friends!

With kind wishes from eastern Canada,

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