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Farmer’s open letter to skeptical consumers: ‘We know glyphosate and GMOs are safe, and we need both to fight climate change’

Despite repeated assurances from the mainstream science community that our food supply is safe, many consumers remain highly skeptical of conventional agriculture, mostly due to misinformation about GMO crops and pesticides perpetuated on social media.

Farmers recognize how controversial their profession has become and have attempted to dialogue with consumers and assuage their concerns. 

On June 10, South Australian farmer John Gladigau joined the discussion, writing an open letter to the “non-agricultural community” and publishing it on his LinkedIn page.

Gladigau acknowledged that he and his colleagues “don’t always get to have meaningful conversations with people outside of [our] own agricultural bubble,” and apologized for farmers who sometimes struggle to communicate with the general public.

While emphasizing the need for open and civil dialogue between farmers and consumers, Gladigau vigorously defended the widespread use of GMO crops and the herbicide glyphosate, tools, he argued, that help farmers sustainably grow enough food to feed everyone as the global climate changes.

Gladigau also rebuffed the allegation that raising animals for food  is “cruel,” noting that “farmers do everything they can to maintain the highest level of animal welfare ….”

The letter was shared thousands of times on social media and generated even more comments. In the spirit of advancing Gladigau’s effort to have “meaningful conversations” about food and farming, the GLP reproduces his letter in full.

Go the Genetic Literacy Project website here to read the full letter.