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‘Acreage increases in the 2019 Canadian Potato Crop justified,’ says industry leader

Statistics Canada released their first estimate of potato acreage in Canada as a result of data obtained from their survey of potato growers in Canada.

Statistics Canada has estimated the 2019 potato acreage to be up 3.3% or 11,526 acres above 2018. Given some of the additional acreage required to supply two new fry plants and a recently completed new line in Canada, industry had expected the increase to be higher.

The two areas requiring significant acreage expansion to meet their market requirements are Alberta, for the new Cavendish Farms Plant opening in August, and Manitoba, for the new JR Simplot Plant addition, opening in January.

The Alberta figure of an additional 6,682 acres is current with industry projections, however the 3,400 acre increase in Manitoba seems low compared to what the province had estimated and the volume the new plant will require.

“It is important to note that the acreage increases in the 2019 Canadian Potato Crop are justified and needed for an expanding market,” says Kevin MacIsaac, General Manager of United Potato Growers of Canada.

“Our next opportunity for revision of these figures will be in November when the Canadian Potato Production Estimates are released by Stats Canada, he says.

Full report with figures on this page

For more information please contact: Kevin MacIsaac, General Manager United Potato Growers of Canada