Nozzle changes could make potato fungicide more effective

New recommendations which should help British growers optimise in-furrow applications of the popular potato fungicide, Amistar, could be on the way.

Manufacturer, Syngenta’s technical manager, Michael Tait, speaking at the Potatoes in Practice event, said that a new design of planter nozzle set up shown at the Dundee event, reduced the likelihood of clogging to a vital part of the applicator unit.

The new design, researched by Syngenta, Team Sprayers and Grimme, has a configuration that has both nozzles strategically placed to spray and mix into the soil after the potato has been planted.

“We have been doing intensive testing to see whether hollow cone or low drift nozzles work best for application, and what were the optimum water volumes, particularly on modern belt planters operating at higher speeds,” Tait said.

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