Event: British potato growers to look at chemical and mechanical alternatives for diquat

During the coming AHDB hosted Strategic Farm North Desiccation Day in North Lincolnshire, potato growers will look at the effects of a number of alternative ag chemicals and mechanical options following the loss of diquat for desiccation. The event will take place on Thursday, 5 September.

AHDB says the loss of the popular herbicide has had significant ramifications for multiple grower’s desiccation strategies, due to its common usage, and the limited alternatives available that are as effective and economical.

In response, AHDBs Strategic Farm programme has been conducting national demonstration trials to investigate alternative desiccants and combinations of these that growers can use in its absence.

As well as looking at the chemical options, AHDB has also asked multiple suppliers to bring along physical haulm destruction machinery. A field will be worked by the machines in the morning and participants will then get the chance to assess how each machine has affected the crop and have the chance to ask questions of the suppliers.

A full agenda will be available shortly on the AHDB website.

Further details and a booking form is available on the AHDB website here