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French potato chip company generates fertilizer from waste production

Recently, biogas plant builder Weltec Biopower completed a biomethane plant for Altho, a French potato chip manufacturer located in St. Gérand, Brittany.

The plant was planned and set up by the German manufacturer in collaboration with its French partner Weltec France.

Some 200 standard m³/h of biomethane are generated from production waste and sludge from the company’s own wastewater treatment plant. This approximately corresponds to the gas consumption of a town with a population of 5,000.

“Via the Altho subsidiary Sober, which operates the biogas plant, we actively participate in recycling, producing a green energy source from waste. Additionally, we contribute to the reduction of greenhouse emissions and the energy dependence of the region,” said Christophe Chrétien, Managing Director of the Sober biogas plant.

First, the solid and liquid substrates are mashed and shredded in the sturdy MULTIMix input system. After this pre-processing, the mixture is fed into the stainless-steel digester, which has a capacity of 4,436 m³.

A post-digester with the same capacity is the last step in the material cycle. Subsequently, the digestate is sold to local farmers, who use it as high-quality fertilizer.

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