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Ireland: Potato harvest halted once again; prices stable

The potato harvest has come to a halt once again due to the season’s wet weather. This week, the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) estimated that between 50% and 70% of potatoes had been lifted.

Farmers got a lot of work done in the early part of last week. However, progress is variable.

Some farmers in the north of the country are estimated to have up to 70% of their crops out of the ground. This is also reported to be the case in Co. Donegal where approximately 60-70% of crops are harvested.

Further south, progress is slower but, overall, most farmers look to have 50% of their crops out of the ground.

On the price front, there has been no change in recent weeks. A box of roosters is still retailing as low as €360/box and as high as €400/box, according to the IFA’s potato price report.

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