Potandon to focus on rebranding as the healthy potato company

The focus for Potandon Produce LLC at the New York Produce Show this year will be on the health benefits of potatoes, and particularly of some of Potandon’s proprietary products, according Glen Reynolds, vice president of variety sales and business development for the Idaho Falls, ID-based company.

“We are in the process of rebranding our company as The Healthy Potato Company,” Reynolds told The Produce News. We are working very diligently on consumer education, knowledge innovation, and the consumer experience.”

In the value-added category, “we are working from the consumer backwards on our convenience packaging,” he said.

With respect to commodity potatoes, “we are trying to focus on the true health benefits of the product,” Reynolds continued. As an example, potatoes are “a great source of potassium” which is important for heart health. They are also a good source of fiber, particularly when recipes are used which retain the skins.

“Potatoes themselves are nutritionally very good,” Reynolds said. But “the toppings the consumer puts on the potatoes can dramatically change the nutritional value.”

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