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Video: Cool and powerful agriculture machines that are on another level

In this video you will see some amazing machines. As for potatoes, you will see the DEWULF RQA 3060 self propelled potato harvester in action. The video can also be viewed on YouTube where you will find links to websites about these machines.

The list of machines:
1. Drainage technique: applied without having to dig a trench by means of a V-shaped plow
2. DEWULF RQA 3060 self propelled potato harvester
3. Clearing ditches during annual fall maintaining by MeriPeat screw type ditcher OJK-1.3
4. The Savannah Model 1720 Stump Puller machine pulled big size stumps fast and easy
5. Wild Blueberry harvester technique
6. Cutting Big grass Slabs half a meter with machine
7. Oxbo 7420 Fresh Market Berry Harvester