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Canadian potato production in 2019 up by 2.4%

Statistics Canada has estimated Canadian potato production in 2019 to be up 2.4% or 2,472,000 hundred weight above the 5-yr average in Canada.

With demand growing for potato products, growers in the spring of 2019 planted an additional 3.7% or 13,000 acres to meet these expansion requirements. Unfortunately, poor harvest conditions, particularly in Western Canada, have resulted in 20,296 acres being abandoned in farmers fields.

This is after, what was considered a precedent in 2018, when an early onset of winter resulted in 18,049 acres being left in the ground across the country from PEI to BC.

The net increase in production, therefore, is much less than what industry actually desired. Canadian yields of 312 hundred weight per acre on the area that was harvested are above last year’s 310 cwt./acre and continue to surpass the 5-year average in Canada.

Full report and comments on individual provinces here.