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Europlant France: 'Our potato varieties must meet more and more criteria'

With climate change, the CIPC ban, and the ban on insecticides and many other phytosanitary products, potato producers work hard to offer varieties meeting these new challenges.

According to Léa Roussineau of Europlant France, we need varieties that have it all: Taste, tolerance to diseases, good harvest yields and good conservation, without forgetting a good ‘washability’.

“We are faced more and more often with extreme weather events, where periods of rain alternate with periods of drought. Our Jelly variety is a rather rustic variety which proved itself in recent years. It was able to wait for the rain to fall and gave good harvest yields.”

Jelly is very popular on the French market, just like the semi-early Georgina variety.

Another variety promoted by Europlant France is the firm flesh Allians. Resistant to mildew, this variety primarily developed within organic agriculture.

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