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Report: North Dakota fresh market potato cultivar/selection trial results for 2019

Andy Robinson, Extension Potato Agronomist, NDSU/University of Minnesota, Eric Brandvik, Research Specalist, NDSU; and Peter Ihry, Agriculture Technician, NDSU compiled this report.

They say potato cultivars or selections included in the report were selected from recently released cultivars or from advancing selections with release potential (numbered lines progressing through the trial process), or cultivars that are new to the US. Standard potato cultivars used by growers served as checks.

In 2019, two trials were conducted to identify traits of red-skinned and yellow-skinned potato cultivars and advanced selections at Hoople, N.D. Seventeen red-skinned cultivars and 30 yellow-skinned cultivars were evaluated. Plots were established in a commercial, non-irrigated potato field utilizing common potato-production practices.

Read the full report on the NDSU website here