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Manitoba Potato Production Days to take place this week

The Manitoba Potato Production Days event will kick off tomorrow (Jan 28) evening in the Keystone Centre, Brandon, Manitoba with an Icebreaker session. The Conference and Trade Show will be held January 28 – 29 – 30, with presentations by 12 expert speakers. A total of 87 exhibitors will also attend to showcase their products and services.

Some of the presentations/presenters include:
* Blackdot: Biology, management, and how field diagnostics can help – Neil Gudmestad
* Incorporating Disease-Suppressive Rotation Crops into Potato Cropping Systems – Bob Larkin
* Soil-building Crops in Prince Edward Island – Ryan Barrett
* Powdery Scab and Mop Top Etiology: What you need to know to manage these diseases – Neil Gudmestad
* Coping with Pesticide Re-evaluation – Tracy Shinners-Carnelley
* How Measuring Sucrose and Glucose Levels Can Assist in Potato Storage Management for Maximum Fry Quality at the Factory – Todd Forbush
* Late Blight Spore Trapping: The Ontario Experience – Eugenia Banks

Further information on the Conference website: