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'Industry trends to look for in the coming decade'

This is the title of a fascinating article published in the January 2020 issue of Potato Grower magazine in the US. The article is now available on the magazine’s website.

It says that “in this super-extended version of our ‘Top 5,’ we take a look into the future. We asked several of our much more intelligent and well-informed friends—the Zoltars of the industry, if you will—to gaze into their respective crystal balls to predict what’s coming for the potato industry in the 2020’s.”

Some of these 20 trends discussed in the Potato Grower article include:

  • Increased environmental scrutiny
  • Fewer active ingredient discoveries and registrations
  • Transformative technology will help solve many challenges.
  • Camera and sensor technology
  • Continued rise of predictive analytics
  • Autonomous pivots and other equipment
  • Promotion of potatoes’ dietary value
  • Changes at retail
  • More attention paid to disease at planting and in storage
  • More vertical integration
  • Public reassessment of carbohydrates
  • Challenges to international trade

Read the full article on Potato Grower magazine’s website here