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Ireland: Early plantings stagnant, demand and price strong

The IFA reports that early plantings in Ireland have remained stagnant at large this week as ground conditions remain very wet. Demand and price remain strong for good quality material, particularly Kerr Pinks and Golden Wonders.

Little or no progress has been made on stocks remaining in the ground. Growers are reminded to not rule out supplying the peeling market with suitable stock at this time.

In the UK markets are slightly depressed, with mainly repeated orders and free-buy demand subdued. Lifting of remaining crop is also halted and the impact of the storm conditions will risk degrading the remaining crop.

In Europe, movement of top-quality lines noted improvement this week. There is growing concern about the quality of samples being offered by growers and some higher values have had to be paid to secure best quality. This is starting to be reflected in higher pricing for top end samples into the markets.

Rooster box€330€380€350
Rooster10 kg bag€3.30€4.00€3.50
Whites box€320€370€350
K Pinks 10kg bag€4.20€5.00€4.50
Golden Wonder 10kg bag€5.00€6.00€5.50

Source: IFA

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