UK: Branston invests GBP6m in Lincoln factory

Branston has announced the completion of a GBP6 million investment at its Lincoln site, in UK, installing a state-of-the-art grading system and WarmStor system. Designed to improve the efficiency of grading and sizing the 2,500 tons of potatoes packed each week, a high tech optical grader unit has been installed at the site. Additionally, the newly installed WarmStor – a low-energy system to adjust the temperature of the potatoes to the optimum level for prepacking – significantly improves the way crops are handled through the packing process, enhancing the end quality and reducing waste. This investment follows major redevelopment work at the company’s Perthshire site as well as complementing Branston’s recent prepared foods factory extension in Lincoln, both of which form part of the company’s strategy to meet increased customer demand and reduce its environmental impact and food wastage. More

Snowvalley and Aviko teamed up with Tomra for construction of new potato processing plant in China

SnowValley Agricultural Group and Aviko Group have decided to once again team up with their long-term processing partner TOMRA Sorting Food, for the development of a new state-of-the-art French fry processing facility. Both SnowValley and Aviko listed sustainability, quality and processing efficiency as an integral part of their business strategies, and echoing this vision, the 1.2bn RMB (ˆ151m) joint venture aims to deliver the highest standard of potato products to the premium segment of the Chinese French fry market. The new potato processing facility, located at Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, China, will have an annual production capacity of 150,000 tons and is expected to be completed by September 2018. TOMRA’s flagship Eco steam peeling line and the recently launched cutting-edge sorting platforms, TOMRA 5A and TOMRA 5B, will play important roles in the facility’s success. More

The Netherlands: Innovative equipment for potato sprout inhibitor applications emits no CO2

In September, the new potato storage season begins in the Netherlands. An atomiser, specifically for the application of sprout inhibitors in potato storages has been designed and is manufactured by Frans Veugen Bedrijfshygiëne bv. The atomiser, named the Synofog, uses a new technique: electro-thermal atomisation. The advantage of this new piece of equipment is that it does not have an open flame. This ensures its safe use with all kinds of sprout inhibitors. Before the development of the Synofog, fuel engines were often used. There was an open flame, and hot airflow. This warm air is created in a different manner with this new machine. The Synofog blows air through a heating element. According to Jos Veugen of Frans Veugen Bedrijfshygiën, “In this way we adjusted the ‘old’ atomiser’s technique to an electric way. The Synofog is much safer and emits no CO2. This is a big plus, because these emissions speed up the potatoes’ ageing process.” More

New report: Global Potato Fryers Market Research Report 2017 to 2022

Image result for Potato FryerThe newly published Global Potato Fryers Market Research Report 2017 to 2022 presents an in-depth assessment of the Potato Fryers Market including enabling technologies, key trends, market drivers, challenges, and more. This study answers several questions for stakeholders, primarily which market segments they should focus on during the next five years to prioritize their efforts and investments. Stakeholders include potato fryer manufacturers such as Flo-Mech, Heat and Control, JBT, Kiremko, EMA Europe, Wintech Taparia, and several others. The research includes historic data from 2012 to 2016 and forecasts until 2022. The study was conducted using an objective combination of primary and secondary information including inputs from key participants in the industry. The report contains a comprehensive market and vendor landscape in addition to a SWOT analysis of the key vendors. More

Tomra launches enhanced sorting machine to remove foreign objects

Image result for Tomra potatoTomra Sorting Food has launched an enhanced sorting solution which removes more than 98% of all typical foreign objects found in product streams after washing and peeling. The enhanced sorting machine uses top and bottom sensor banks to view each individual object “in flight”. Its combination of pulsed LED, camera, NIR (Near InfraRed) and advanced analysis techniques achieves stable, trouble free, foreign object detection within a 1 millimeter precision. The TOMRA 5A’s advanced detection capability is combined with the company’s Smart rejection technology, to significantly increase the range of foreign objects that can be removed, including heavy and floating stones, corn cobs and roots, wood, glass, plastics, golf balls and metals as well as many others. This technology also ensures the food safety of the whole potato along the entire processing line. In addition, it reduces the risk of foreign objects damaging cutting equipment or otherwise contributing to a line stoppage. Read more

Call for more potato-processing capacity: Has Grimme got the answer?

Call for more potato-processing capacity: Has Grimme got the answer?Grimme’s range of potato handling equipment has been given a boost, thanks to the new addition of the PowerCombi to its RH line-up. It will be at Agritechnica (in Germany) in November. Claimed to be operating with up to 98% efficiency and requiring only one individual to run it; the new grader has a receiving hopper with a capacity of 28m³, followed by three 2.4m-wide PU (polyurethane plastic) coil separators and, finally, an optical sorter. In totality, this results in a supposed output of around 100t/hour – a 25% increase on previous models. A “well-positioned and spacious” inspection platform is said to offer good all-round visibility, enabling a view over the “whole separation system”. In other Grimme news, the manufacturer also recently unveiled what it describes as “its biggest ever self-propelled potato harvester”. With no less than 530hp at its disposal (courtesy of a Mercedes engine), the four-row Ventor 4150 comes with a capacious 15t hopper (bunker). More

Agrifirm introduces TopCote Potato: An innovative new coated fertiliser granule mix

The company Agrifirm in the Netherlands recently introduced a new fertilizer concept in the Netherlands: TopCote Potato. That is in essence a mix of coated and uncoated potato fertilizers. Due to the coating, nitrogen is gradually becomes available, or slowly released for plant use. TopCote Potato is said to feature a unique composition of coated and uncoated fertiliser granules. The phased/slow release of minerals and nutrients means the needs of the potato crop are optimally supported throughout the growing season. The use of TopCote Potato is said to be more effective in this respect if compared with regular fertilisers, and according to Agrifirm, use of TopCote Potato results in demonstrably better crop yields. TopCote potato was presented during PotatoEurope and will be available from December 2017.
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Grimme pakt flink uit op Agritechnica

GrimmeDe Duitse machinefabrikant Grimme heeft onlangs in Cappeln een vooruitblik gegeven op de noviteiten die ze in november op de Agritechnica in Hannover zal presenteren. Het familiebedrijf is vooral sterk georiënteerd op de aardappel- en bietenteelt. De 260 SE is een tweerijige aardappelbunkerrooier, die het goed doet op de lichtere gronden in Zuid- en Noordoost-Nederland. Voor de zwaardere gronden zijn de rooiers met axiaalreinigers meer gewild. De SE heeft een doorvalmat als basis waarmee het mogelijk is te rooien zonder vooraf te klappen. Grimme heeft deze rooier als basis genomen voor de EVO 290, die naast de SE 260 in het programma komt. De EVO 290 heeft een grotere bunker van 9 ton en aan de linkerkant een extra wiel, dat meestuurt en hydraulisch wordt aangedreven, als de omstandigheden moeilijker worden. Het wiel helpt tevens de bodemdruk lager te houden. Hij zit aan de kant waar de bunker lost. Meer

Belgium: VDH Concept launches new packaging with net structure perforation

VDH Concept launches a new type of retail potato packagingVDH Concept, a Belgian company specializing in retail packaging for potatoes, vegetables and fruit, has recently introduced SQ Pack, a new packaging with a net structure perforation. According to Jan van den Heuvel, owner of VDH Concept bvba, “Allowing net structure perforations is a new way of packaging and is suitable for a lot of products, including potatoes and onions, but also citrus and bulbs. As the small holes in the foil let air in, the product is better able to breath and it extends the shelf life. There are different designs of the packaging available. The SQ-pack is available as a ‘pillow bag’, quadroseal (standing bag), doy pack or with side folding. With the foil we mainly focus on shelf life.” Customers can choose different ‘window shapes’ which are simulated as a net structure. More

AMVAC and Simplot collaborate on SIMPAS prescription application system

Related imageAMVAC Chemical Corporation recently announced a collaboration with the J. R. Simplot Company to field test AMVAC’s proprietary SIMPAS™ prescriptive application equipment. SIMPAS stands for Smart Integrated Multi-product Prescriptive Application System. This technology enables Simplot Grower Solutions (SGS) to test-run the application equipment as part of SGS’s comprehensive services to their growers. SIMPAS allows growers to apply multiple differentiated products to only the portion of the fields needing specific inputs. According to Dave Dufault, Vice President and General Manager, J. R. Simplot Company, “We’ve been big and early supporters of 4R Nutrient Stewardship to ensure growers use the right fertilizer in the right amounts at the right time and in the right place, and this technology expands these services to a total solution. Combining Simplot’s SmartFarm data-driven agronomy solutions and AMVAC’s SIMPAS technology, we can enable farmers to apply crop protection, nutrition and specialty products to only those areas of their fields where they’re needed.”  Continue reading

Nieuwe sorteerder voor monstername en JASA 2-in-1 Pack

JASA Packaging SystemsAfgelopen jaar heeft JASA Packaging Systems de gepatenteerde JASA 2-in-1 Pack™ ontwikkeld. De markt kent momenteel een groeiende consumentenvraag naar gemaksproducten en deze trend biedt voedselproducenten, -verwerkers en –verpakkers de kans om vernieuwende productconcepten in de markt te zetten. JASA heeft daar handig op in gespeeld met de innovatieve 2-in-1 Pack™. Daarnaast heeft Newtec in samenwerking met JASA een innovatieve nieuwe sorteerder voor monstername ontwikkeld, welke op de beurs wordt gedemonstreerd. Ook voor nauwkeurige monstername en selectie van het ruwe product direct van het land is JASA Packaging Systems uw partner. Newtec uit Denemarken heeft in samenwerking met JASA Packaging Systems een nieuwe innovatieve machine ontwikkeld voor monstername van aardappels. Meer

A New Zealand agritech startup helping US potato farmers just listed on Australian Securities Exchange

A tech company that helps farmers improve crop yields will list on the Australian Securities Exchange on Tuesday. CropLogic has raised the $8 million it sought in an IPO, and said it was even offered $1 million on top of that during the offer period. Forty million ordinary shares will be issued at 20 cents each, and the business will have a market cap of $25 million. The New Zealand “internet of things” agriculture tech company, established in 2010, uses on-field sensors connected via wireless and satellite channels to collect data such as soil moisture and temperature, and rainfall, alongside other information to give farmers a predictive analysis of their efforts. CropLogic’s current client base is predominantly potato farmers in the Pacific northwest region of the USA. Potato trials have been completed with big names like PepsiCo, Lamb Weston, Simplot and McCain Foods throughout USA, China, Australia and New Zealand. More

Canadian students try to give lowly potato peel a future in furniture

Mount Allison research studentsA company started by six Mount Allison students in the province of New Brunswick in Canada, sees a place for potato peels in furniture, flooring and ceiling tiles. Enviroot’s goal is to reduce waste by using food remains, especially potato peelings, to make a safe material for use in the home. The company received a national business prize of $20,000 from Enactus Canada, a student-led entrepreneurial organization, and the McCain Social Enterprise Project Partnership to get the project going this summer. “We use the potato peels that we get from McCain Foods here in New  Brunswick in our particle board as a kind of filler,” said Justin Trueman, Enviroot CEO and fourth-year biology student. The potato peels are plasticized by melting them a little bit, and a bond between the potato peels’ particles is created. “When we found out there was a partnership available through Enactus Canada and McCain Foods, we started thinking about how we can make something viable out of something McCain has to offer,” Trueman said. More

Dewulf-Miedema to unveil new 2-row harvester at Potato Europe 2017 event

Dewulf~Miedema, a full-line supplier of potato and carrot processing machinery, will this year once again present its innovative technology for the potato harvest during the Potato Europe 2017 event. Although the company will be presenting an impressive number of machines, the main eye-catcher will be the unveiling of Torro. This long-awaited light, 2-row trailed offset harvester with bunker will be officially launched at the trade show. In addition, dewulf~miedema will give numerous demonstrations of harvesting (schedule) and storage technology (schedule) and can be visited at the trade stand V455. Several other DeWulf-Miedema machines will be on display either in the field or on the company’s trade stand at Potato Europe 2017:More

Potato processor in China receives Heat and Control fryer

French Fry manufacturer in China receives Heat and Control fryer with integrated batter coating and de-oiling systemHeat and Control says the company is experiencing an increase in global demand from the food industry for comprehensive processing, product handling, and packaging solutions. Their China manufacturing facility recently delivered a french fry fryer system and anticipates a steady flow of orders from food manufacturers. The custom manufactured french fry system includes the Oil Sweep De-oiling system, a flexible batter coating system that can be moved in and out of operating mode when required, as well as the popular two-stage multi-zone cooking feature that allows processors to customize cooking conditions for a choice of coated and uncoated fries. This integrated system has a 17,000 kg/hr (37,400 lbs/hr) capacity. More