Grimme partners with Tomra to create new integrated grading and sorting solution

Caption from left to right: Maurice Moynihan (Director Strategic Marketing & Business Development at TOMRA Sorting Food, Richard Weiss (Managing Director Purchasing & Production at GRIMME), Sebastian Talg (Managing Director Sales at GRIMME) & Thomas Molnar (Global Sales and Marketing Director at TOMRA Sorting Food)GRIMME Group announces that it has joined forces with TOMRA, a global leader in food sorting solutions. The partnership will result in the TOMRA FPS (Field Potato Sorter) being integrated into the RH Combi to create the GRIMME PowerCombi solution. The Field Potato Sorter, FPS, is a sensor based food sorting machine for unwashed potatoes, removing soil clods, stones and foreign material. Through the new partnership, GRIMME will distribute the TOMRA FPS so customers can purchase and deploy a single, integrated grading and sorting solution, including post-sale support. With the newly launched PowerCombi, GRIMME uses the combination of highly efficient mechanical separation mechanisms and electronic sorting to not only increase separation accuracy of up to 98 percent, but also to increase capacity up to 100 tonnes per hour, a 25 percent improvement on previous systems. As a result, fewer employees are required to check for waste products and therefore labor costs are considerably reduced. More

Demand for complete potato processing lines on the increase, expert says

According to Arjan Brouwer, general sales manager at processing equipment manufacturer Kiremko, the demand for complete potato processing lines has increased over the past few years and with an unprecedented amount of new lines installed including green-field projects. Worldwide, a lot of new potato processing lines are being built, not only by existing potato processors in Europe but also by new players in other parts of the world such as Argentina, China and Turkey. Brouwer says the demand for complete solutions for potato processing lines is growing is underlined by the increase in demand for potato products all over the world. Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands for example, have seen a noticeable growth regarding potato processing capacity. Also, outside Europe we see that China and South America are huge growth markets in terms of consumption of frozen potato products. “Unlike in the old days, designing and manufacturing processing equipment is rather more complex than welding some stainless steel together.” More

New ventilated potato sack helps stop the rot

New ventilated potato sack helps stop the rotA jute bag with ‘ventilated striping’ could help Scottish seed potato exporters minimise bacterial growth during export. European packaging supplier LC Packaging has developed a hessian sack with extra ventilation to prevent seed potatoes from sweating and rotting during transit. The patented LC Vento jute bag, which was developed by the packaging supplier in-house, has looser stitching and ‘ventilated striping’, allowing palletised potatoes to respire more and sweat less when exported. “A serious issue when exporting quality products such as potatoes, onions and carrots, is the so called ‘temperature shock’,” explained communications manager Lotte Mastwijk. “While still in the standard packaging, these products cannot dissipate the exuded humidity and moisture. This can lead to the development of moist and the start of the products’ rotting process.” She added that the bag reduces the chance of mould, “minimising the risk of product quality claims.” More

Data leads to smarter center pivot irrigation

Information is one of the most powerful tools growers have in their arsenal – and the methods we use to gather it are always advancing. These days, growers can gather data about soil moisture, aerial imagery, weather conditions, yield mapping and more. They can enter their data into a program or hub to analyze it, and then use that information to decide how and where to plant, what to plant, the best time to fertilize, and of course, the best way to irrigate. Ashley Anderson, Valley Irrigation Product Manager, says irrigation data is easy to gather with today’s technology. “Both AgSense® and BaseStation3™ gather near real-time data from the field,” she says. “Center pivot irrigation growers use this data to determine when to irrigate and the proper amount to apply, using water and power more economically.” According to Anderson, a challenge that growers face is how to use the data they collect. More

GRIMME presents brand new 4-row self-propelled potato harvester

GRIMME presented their brand new 4-row self-propelled VENTOR 4150 potato harvester at the Agritechnica 2017 event, complete with a 15 tonne unloading bunker. The crucial element of this 530 hp harvester is the integration of the proven “SE-principle” – a combined separating device, consisting of conveying, lifting and sieving webs, including the separation of vines and weed by a wide-meshed deviner web. This principle is nowadays standard for both 1-row and 2-row potato harvesters. However fitting this technology into 4-row harvesters has never previously been successful due to technological barriers. The VENTOR 4150 is the first “road legal” self-propelled 4-row potato harvester to be fitted with the SE system, which doubles productivity when compared to a 2 row harvester. This was made possible by dividing the crop flow into two main-lines throughout the whole machine. An innovative folding mechanism of the two hedgehog web – separators, which are mounted on both sides, reduced the width of the machine so that it could meet road-going specifications. More

Paper option increases food packaging sustainability

Image result for SKOG for FoodSKOG for Food. launched this fall in the US, combines FSC-certified paper with double-sided coating that provides barrier properties and permits production on f/f/s machines. For Swedes, “skog” means wood. And for those in the United States as of fall 2017, SKOG for Food represents a new paper-based food packaging option for brands that offers sustainable packaging benefits. According to Mondi Extrusion Coatings, Skog for Food saves up to 70% plastic while retaining all the required barrier properties. A windowed version is available from a European partner and has been tested for potatoes. “We’ve packed up to 20 kg [44 lb] of animal feed pellets using Skog,” Strobl reports. “However, this construction does not have a window. With Skog for Food window packaging, 2 kg [4.4 lb] of potatoes has been tested successfully in windowed skog packaging.” More

Tolsma-Grisnich shows Potato Storage Innovations at Agritechnica

From November 12 to 18, Agritechnica in Hanover will be the ‘centre of innovation’ for anyone who wants to be updated on the latest global developments in the agribusiness. As one of the regular exhibitors at this event, potato storage specialist Tolsma-Grisnich will show its latest storage innovations in Stand A14 in Hall 24. Tolsma-Grisnich will be featuring two new modules for its Vision Control storage computer and presents its App 1.0, the energy efficient TTV HE fan and its award winning new 5M temperature sensor, among other products. In addition, there will be live demonstrations of its MV09 grading machine and its Sample Analyser. More

Mahindra, Dewulf sign licence agreement for potato planting equipment in India

Related imageMahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M Ltd), part of the USD19 billion Mahindra Group, headquartered in Mumbai, India, today announced a licencing agreement with the Dewulf group in Europe to manufacture and market Dewulf’s potato planting equipment in India. Under the aegis of this agreement, Mahindra will work with the Dewulf Group to bring its potato planting technology to the Indian market. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd President, Farm Equipment Sector Rajesh Jejurikar said, “Our licencing agreement with the Dewulf Group will allow us to bring the latest planting technology to potato farmers in India.” The potato planter, co-branded Mahindra and Dewulf, will enable Indian potato farmers to perform even and precise planting, thereby leading to higher yield, reduction in cost and improved quality of output. Dewulf CEO Rene Boeijenga said the company is looking forward to introducing its innovative products and technology to India, which is the world’s second largest potato market. “With Mahindra as our partner, we hope that we will be able to transform potato farming techniques in India,” he added. (Source:

UK: New Potato Data Center said to be “game-changer for growers and the supply chain”

Harvesting2The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board’s (AHDB) new Potato Data Centre (PDC) gets underway later this month. The tool, which allows growers and those in the supply chain to examine data on price, variety, planted area, market sector and yield, will be available from November 22 when it debuts at the “soil-to-shelf” potato industry event, BP2017, held in London. PDC comes as prices hit a three-year low due to a four percent increase in planted area combined with reportedly above-average yields. “This is a real game-changer for growers and the supply chain,” said Rob Clayton, strategy director at AHDB Potatoes. The data on PDC comes from AHDB’s annual levy return forms, as well as price information from weekly calls to growers and purchases made by members of a recently expanded team. More

Agritechnica 2017: Companies to presents latest technologies for cropping and storing

For seven days, between November 12 and 18, at Agritechnica 2017 In Hanover, Germany, high-caliber manufacturers and service providers will present new brand concepts and innovations in the cropping and storage sectors. The potato storage specialist Omnivent is launching a new line of OmniFans with the Permanent Magnet (PM) engine techniques, which presents many advantages such as improved sustainability and energy efficiency. Tolsma-Grisnich will also be present at this event. This year the company will be featuring the new modules for the Vision Control storage computer, and the App 1.0, Sample Analyzer, TTV HE fan, MV09 grading machine, and new 5M temperature sensor, among others. Potato harvester producer GRIMME will present at Agritechnica 2017 a completely redesigned harvester with an AirSep, for the first time. In addition to this, visitors will find a wide range of interesting new and further developments. Potato machine manufacturer AVR presents the AVR Spirit 5200, a simple and efficient harvester. More

Dewulf to unveil new 3-row belt planter at Agritechnica ’17 event

Dewulf presents Structural 30 - a new belt planter - at Agritechnica ’17Specialist equipment manufacturer Dewulf will reveal the Structural 30, its latest belt planter, at the Agritechnica 2017 show from 12 – 18 November in Hanover, Germany. The 3-row planter features innovation at its core with among others a unique, potato-friendly planting belt. As standard, this innovative 3-row belt planter can plant 3 rows in a single bed. With this, the manufacturer is responding to a demand from the market expressed by many customers. The Structural 30 is equipped with the patented “Wave Belt” concept. The undulating shape of the planting belt prevents the seed material from rolling from one side to the other when planting in hilly conditions. This innovation is friendly to seed potatoes, ensuring the correct placement and guarantees a high capacity. During planting with the Structural 30 uneven terrain is no longer a nuisance. More

British Potato 2017 event plots UK role after Brexit

BP2017 Potato Industry Show is a potato gathering from seed to supermarket, taking place November 22 to 23, in the Yorkshire Event Centre, Harrogate, United Kingdom. The British Potato show has taken on an added dimension as the first show since the UK’s decision to fundamentally change its relationship with Europe and its trading focus with the rest of the world. “The challenges and opportunities of Brexit, the global role for UK seed and technical lessons from around the world, all feature strongly in the official seminar program at the event,” says show organizer Steve Wellbeloved. Additionally, among the record number of exhibitors – one in five is new to the show – many are showcasing goods and services relevant to global audiences. This trading focus also extends to a special Trade & Innovation Hub, where the UK government will be highlighting its support for agritech, exports and inward investment. More

New attachment from Grimme reduces damage during potato sorting

Poor handling of potatoes after harvest can lead to superficial damage of the skin and cause infections and rot, which is a major source of wastage. Because of this, Grimme has released a new transfer aid that minimises the risk of damaging potatoes during handling. The SoftFlow combs, which can be fitted to new and existing conveyors, have elastic, polyurethane “fingers”. Because of the constant movement and high elasticity of the fingers, debris such as stones, lumps or weeds cannot get trapped. The SoftFlow combs are imported and sold in Australia through Landpower. More

Swedish potato and onion sales system in German supermarkets

The Swedish system Agripo that has become the standard way of selling root vegetables in Sweden has now also been introduced in Germany. Especially the North of Germany was very interested. The system has been tested and can now be found in supermarkets such as Edeka, Real and Rewe. Agripo is a system in which separate potatoes on pallets can be sold in a simple and appealing way. This spring, Swedish Butikskonsult presented Agripo at the EuroShop in Düsseldorf with the goal to introduce the product in Germany. The reactions were positive. “The Agrpio system is the customary way of selling root vegetables in Sweden. We are of the opinion that it would be great if it would be used more and more outside of Sweden,” says Johan Särefors, Head of Export at Butikskonsult. More

Fabcon expands Middle East presence through Kuwaiti deal

Fabcon - First batch fried crisps off the new Fabcon Food Systems batch frying line at Hectare’s KuwaitUK-based Fabcon Food Systems has bolstered its presence in the Middle East by supplying bespoke equipment for one of the region’s first purpose-built batch fried crisp factories. The food processing equipment manufacturer has provided the systems for a £1.5m production line in a new Kuwait factory, built and owned by the AlWazzan Foodstuff Industries Group. It is the company’s first direct sale into the Middle East market. Working closely with the Kuwaiti group’s management team, Fabcon have installed a range of their specially-designed pre-processing equipment, including frying, seasoning, distribution and supply line supporting structures. The Norwich-based specialists were chosen for the project after demonstrating their experience in potato processing and seasoning. More