US: GPS products and services add to potato growers’ tool kits

GPS systems have changed production agriculture in planting, material application and harvesting, and a number of companies have come out with innovative products to better help row crop production. Potato farmers are no different from row-crop farmers when it comes to technology. “GPS systems are evolving more than people think,” said Cody Light, strategic marketing manager for AGCO. “More autonomous[Read[Read More…]

TOMRA: Twee nieuwe sorteermachines gepresenteerd

TOMRA Sorting Food heeft twee innovatieve sorteerders op de markt gebracht, de TOMRA 5A en de TOMRA 5B. De TOMRA 5A is bestemd voor het sorteren van hele gewassen of geschilde aardappelen die verwerkt worden tot bijvoorbeeld chips, terwijl de TOMRA 5B geschikt is voor het sorteren van groenten en verwerkte aardappelproducten, zoals bijvoorbeeld frieten. Beide sorteerders zijn ontworpen om[Read[Read More…]

Nouveau, simple et pratique, un distributeur automatique de pommes de terre

Bruno Vanpeperstraete, agriculteur, a installé en octobre, devant son exploitation, au 7, rue de l’Abbé-Delbecque, un distributeur de pommes de terre. Pourquoi avoir installé ce distributeur ? «  Le prix de vente honteux des pommes de terre dans les commerces m’a fait réagir. Nous cherchions également un système simple pour les clients et aussi pour nous, explique l’intéressé. Nous vendons régulièrement[Read[Read More…]

New Program Supports Farmers to Use Digital Technologies

The Internet of Food & Farm 2020 (IoF2020), a EUR30m co-funded project by the European Commission, was officially launched in Amsterdam on February, 21 and 22. The partners in the project can establish a structured collaboration and present their research endeavors, aiming at improving agricultural production through the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to answer the grand societal[Read[Read More…]

New tool could mean faster tests for Zebra chip disease

A new portable diagnostic tool for identifying the devastating zebra chip disease may bring faster and more accurate results to stem its spread, according to New Zealand scientists. Zebra chip is a bacteria which alters a plant’s metabolism and burns striped patches in potatoes, making both the potato and its seed inedible and unmarketable. According to Dr Grant Smith who is[Read[Read More…]

The ins and outs of potato storage

Post-harvest potato storage expert Todd Forbush of Techmark Inc. in Lansing, Mich., says quality potato storage requires just two things: quality storage facilities and quality potatoes to store. “Neither will meet their potential without both working successfully together,” he says. The first step is to evaluate your existing facility to decide if it needs just an upgrade or something different entirely. When[Read[Read More…]

Improving soil testing accuracy and speed with laser technology

A Canadian company based in the province of Quebec, Logiag Inc., recently received government funding to commercialize a laser-based soil analysis system that replaces the more traditional chemical analyses. This funding will allow the company to introduce a laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) to the market; a technology that allows for faster and more accurate data at lower cost. The goal is[Read[Read More…]

Videos of potato crop production

A short film about a potato farmer in East Anglia in the UK who grows ‘early’ potatoes for McCain Oven Chips. Watch video Growing potatoes, from field to supermarket: This film shows the potato growing process, from planting to harvesting, and how the potatoes end up on the supermarket shelf. Watch video For many of us, the potato is a big[Read[Read More…]

India: Demand for low sugar content potato rising

Demand of Malwa grown low sugar grade (LSG) potatoes is increasing at a rate of about 10 per cent per annum by food processing units across India. As per the market estimate, the demand of low sugar grade potatoes has surged to 27 lakh tonne from 7 lakh tonne in 2001 mainly by chips and snacks makers. LSG potatoes are stored under a[Read[Read More…]

PotatoEurope 2017 – ‘Precision farming in practice’

With seven months still to go, 50 percent of the exhibition space at PotatoEurope 2017 – the trade show dedicated to the entire potato chain – has already been sold. The theme of this year’s edition – ‘Potatoes feed & meet the world’ – is linked to the potato’s huge potential to feed the world’s growing population. In addition, PotatoEurope[Read[Read More…]

How the bottom line is tied to wastewater treatment for processors

This article looks at some real-world, win-win situations for treating wastewater and identifies some of the compelling reasons for food and beverage processors (including potato processors) to make some changes in the way they handle their wastewater. Frito-Lay’s 160,000-sq.-ft. facility in Casa Grande, AZ recycles up to 75 percent of production water back into the facility, has a 36-acre solar field that generates[Read[Read More…]

Videos: Manitoba Potato Production Days – A venue for retailers in Canada to promote latest in potato production products and equipment

Manitoba Potato Production days is an annual event in Canada that provides a venue for retailers to promote the latest in potato production products and equipment. The latest event took place January 24 – 26 in the province of Manitoba. Follow the links below and watch the videos to hear about the newest service and product offerings, how they work and[Read[Read More…]

Training Course: Stay tuned with the impact of technologies on your ag business

Agribusinesses must navigate an increasingly complex environment. But rapid changes can create new possibilities for companies that recognise opportunities, innovate, and evolve strategies quickly. Based on 16 years’ experience, expertise and vast network of contacts, including academia, industry, policy makers and consultants, across all circles of the sectors covered by New Ag International, the company has designed a 10-day programme to prepare[Read[Read More…]

Real-time harvest quality data helps potato profits

Potato growers are using technology and real-time data to get the most money for their crop. Madhu Jamallamudi is an analyst with AgroMetrics, and works with growers to make use of quality grading data as potatoes are being harvested.  Jamallamuidi tells Brownfield News that new crop data from USDA inspectors and processing plants is getting back to growers while they are[Read[Read More…]

Canada: Islander produces trap to prevent potato-eating wireworm

An Islander has heeded the call to mass manufacture a trap to fight P.E.I.’s wireworm pest. Ralph Yeo said he decided to start producing the wire trap after reading about its invention about a year ago. Christine Noronha, an Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada entomologist, had created the trap and trademarked it in early 2016, but needed someone to manufacture it. Yeo, who until[Read[Read More…]

Vietnamese scientists create better quality potato in aeroponic environmen

A Vietnamese group of scientists headed by Prof Nguyen Quang Thach has successfully created a high-quality potato variety in aeroponic environment. Meanwhile, aeroponic-farmed vegetables are now used by many Vietnamese. “With farming area of 200 square meters, I can provide 100 kilos of vegetables to the market everyday,” said Duong Minh Trung, director of Rau Sach Ngon. Trung said the farming model saves[Read[Read More…]

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