Australia: Hot chip vending machines set for national release this year

A Perth-based company says it is behind Australia’s first commercial rollout of hot chip vending machines. The Hot Chips Company has spent more than five years developing the vending machines alongside WA potato processor Bendotti Exporters. Bendotti and its affiliate company WA Chip will be the sole supplier to all vending machines, nationally.Source: on – Global Potato News[Read More…]

Heat and Control ships new fryer for formed potato chips

Source: www.potatopro.comFormed potato chips are stacking up as a convenient and popular snack worldwide. Heat and Control has just completed another continuous fryer system to produce 500 kg / hour of finished formed and stackable potato chips. Frying of formed chips requires precise handling of sheeted potato dough to create consistently uniform chips.See on – Global Potato News You[Read More…]

UK: UV bursts offer chemical-free destruction of seed potato and fresh produce pathogens, says supplier

Techneat Engineering will use next week’s LAMMA 2015 agricultural equipment show to unveil its new pulsed UV light system for cleansing seed potatoes and fresh produce. The patented technology concentrates UV energy into a flash lasting fractions of a millisecond, at a wavelength which terminally disrupts the DNA and cell structure of pathogens. Researchers at the Potato Council’s Sutton Bridge[Read[Read More…]

Hygiene and sanitation: Achieving healthier products and working environment in the potato processing sector

Improving the hygiene and sanitation in potato processing facilities is carrying with itself a lot of benefits to the producers. Improvement of food safety, and answering more and more strict sanitary regulations, might be placed on a fist place, but there are a lot of benefits from creating a healthier working environment. By applying new equipment, producers can significantly reduce[Read[Read More…]

“Optisch sorteren levert Müller Azmoos groot concurrentievoordeel op”

Het Zwitserse Müller Azmoos is een toonaangevend bedrijf in de verwerking van wortelen, aardappelen, spinazie en prei. Recent heeft Müller Azmoos haar activiteiten uitgebreid. Het bedrijf richt zich nu ook op de verwerking van gewassen aardappelen. Deze stap was mogelijk door de keuze van Müller Azmoos voor de Smart Grader van Miedema in combinatie met de sorteringssoftware van Ellips.Source: www.allepersberichten.nlSee[Read[Read More…]

UK: Benchmarking soils may help boost potato yields

Benchmarking soils on their “DNA fingerprint” could prove valuable in helping farmers break through the potato yield plateau seen in the past decade. Potato growers have suffered a torrid time recently with a slump in prices and potatoes appearing less on our dinner plates. However, scientists are making big steps into understanding soils and how to manage them to boost[Read[Read More…]

Canada: Minimizing bruise damage in potato production

Minimizing bruise damage is a primary concern for potato growers, not only when harvesting the crop but during handling and storage. Spud Smart magazine put the question of best management practices (BMP’s) for preventing or reducing tuber bruising to three growers from across Canada: Randy Visser of Gerrit Visser and Sons in Orwell Cove, P.E.I., Mark Keller of Elk Haven[Read[Read More…]

US: Key’s potato sorting technology has international appeal

When it comes to making potato crisps Tayto is number one in Britain; that’s why when it came to choosing potato sorters they went with Key Technology’s Optyx digital sorters. Headquartered out of Walla Walla, Key Technology designs, manufactures and markets process automations systems for food and other industries. Key Technology’s John Kadinger tells us why Tayto chose the Optyx[Read[Read More…]

India: Agro-equipment companies seek feedback from farmers

Agriculture equipment companies are slowly realising the importance of involving farmers in gaining mindshare before thinking of acquiring marketshare. More so when they happen to be global players. Lemken India Agro Equipment, the wholly-owned subsidiary of German manufacturer Lemken GmbH, has decided that seeking feedback before bringing equipment into new markets such as India will help them bring products relevant[Read[Read More…]

New generation PEF technology for potato processing

Dutch company Pulsemaster has introduced a new generation PEF (pulsed electric field) technology that significantly improves potato processing. With this cost efficient application, the final breakthrough of PEF processing in the food industry is approaching. The Pulsemaster PEF technology induces poration of potato cells, leading to cell disintegration. This makes the pulsed electric field systems an excellent alternative for preheaters[Read[Read More…]

World map of potato processing test centers: Heat and Control’s CENTEC

To assist novice food processors and established companies, Heat and Control’s new TechnicalCenter in Mexico provides equipment demonstrations, process development assistance and training programs. CENTEC is equipped with a variety of equipment for snack and prepared food processing, including fryers, ovens, de-oiling centrifuges, extruders, sheeters, checkweighers, metal detectors, seasoning applicators and packaging equipment. For potato products, tests are primarily available[Read[Read More…]

Variable Rate Irrigation: An alternative to conventional irrigation techniques

In recent years, the concept known as variable rate irrigation or VRI has become a catchphrase among irrigation specialists and growers alike. VRI is the process of applying differing irrigation amounts to match crop water demands at a small scale within a particular field. VRI system users are provided with software that creates a “prescription” indicating the desired application depths[Read[Read More…]

Solynta “Hybrid Potatoes from True Seeds” technology named Dutch National Icon

In the presence of HRH King Willem Alexander, the Dutch Government through Minister Kamp honored Solynta as Dutch National Icon for its breakthrough discovery ”Hybrid Potatoes from True seeds”. King Willem Alexander and Hein Kruyt CEO Solynta “This breakthrough technique makes it possible to grow potatoes from true-seed instead of seed-tubers and makes targeted breeding possible. Valuable traits can now[Read[Read More…]

Scotland: Mackie’s Crisps choose Ishida technology for new factory

Crisps manufacturer Mackie’s Crisps uses three Ishida iTPS (Integrated Total Packaging System) units for snacks at the new factory in Inchcoonans in Errol, Perthshire, Scootland. The Ishida iTPS comprises an Ishida 14 head multihead weigher and Atlas bagmaker along with a throat metal detector and thermal transfer coder, all fully integrated using Ishida iTPS software and controlled and monitored via[Read[Read More…]

Europe: Miedema and Dewulf to form single team this year

The intended fusion between Dewulf and Miedema, made public in early September, is to be completed this year. This is the joint announcement of both companies. With the takeover of Miedema by Dewulf, the merged company will be the world’s second largest in potato and vegetable machines. Dewulf and Miedema are already hard at work on a new line of[Read[Read More…]

New Herbert distributor for Russia’s growing market

The company Rusbana Engineering, Moscow-based, is the new distributor appointed by Herbert Engineering, for Russia and surrounding countries. Herbert Engineering designs, supplies and installs processing lines, as well as individual processing equipment, for root crops and vegetables throughout the world. Their appointment of a new Russian distributor will enable them to introduce their innovative systems to a rapidly expanding market.[Read[Read More…]

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