Tweet: ‘Massey on this chassis…’

Seen on Twitter: “Can I get a ‘Massey on this chassis’, ‘John Deere on this rear’ or ‘Claas on this arse’? Put your logos on my running kit! I’m running on April 22nd for – they support the farmers who use your machines! .” Posted by Annabel James, @belliejames. Running the London Marathon for the Royal Agriculture Benevolent Institution (RABI). RABI provides short-term help to enable farmers to get back on their feet after a crisis, as well as long-term support, via regular payments and grants.

Engineer builds self-powered driving potato…

Image result for Guy Builds a Self-Powered Driving Potato That Turns Out to Be a Better Pet Than a CatEngineer Marek Baczynski took what is a common science class experiment – lighting a light bulb with a potato – to the next level, and built what could be the world’s first autonomous potato… A single potato doesn’t generate a lot of electricity, but if you collect that slow trickle into a capacitor—a sort of battery—you get enough of a charge to power a pair of electric motors. After sitting motionless for a quarter of an hour, Marek’s upgraded potato, which he named Pontus, was able to drive in a quick short burst for just over three inches, or a top speed of around 24 feet per day. Marek eventually added the ability for Pontus to randomly choose a direction it could drive in when charged up, and aside from just spinning in circles, at times it would find sunlight to park in, or seemingly followed him around the room. Slow Pontus was, but your cat most likely moves even less from sunup to sundown. Pontus never needed food, water, or bathroom breaks, and didn’t once attempt to shred a sofa. In other words, it really was the ideal pet…  Watch video