Rwanda to set up two new potato processing plants and boost production

1503348130IMG-20170818-WA0002It is said to be a new dawn for Irish potato growers in Rwanda following the signing of a multi-million dollar deal between government and a Nigerian firm to develop the country’s Irish potato value chain. The five-year project worth $120 million (Rwf102 billion) involves the building of two potato processing facilities; one for frozen French fries, and another to produce potato products for the export market. The target is a production capacity of 10 million tonnes of potatoes by the fifth year of the project, officials said. When it starts operations, it will process 80,000 to 100,000 tonnes of potatoes making frozen French fries, and potato flakes and crisps, targeting export markets in Africa and the Middle East, according to Olusegun Paul Andrew, the chairman of BlackPace Africa Group. The potato project will further work to increase the average yield per hectare from 15 to 35 tonnes by the fifth year of operations, officials said. More

Smell is an important part of snacking, study finds

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Smelling McCain’s jacket potatoes at a bus shelter…

Aroma is an essential component of the snacking experience for millennials, and many want their food products to immediately emanate the smell of their central flavors, according to a recent survey published in Bakery and Snacks. The survey included 1,000 male and female participants from the U.K., Germany, France, Spain and Poland. Food and beverage manufacturers have long known that consumers eat with all five senses. Pringles performed an experiment where they played the sound of different chips crunching for consumers. The brand determined that the sound a chip makes when broken was a strong indicator of whether it was stale or fresh. Pringles used that feedback to modify its chips’ texture, as well as its packaging and marketing campaigns, to reinforce the sound of fresh chips. Food manufacturers such as McCain Food have also leveraged product aroma in order to create multi-sensory experiences for their consumers. Continue reading

New report: Global potato processing market worth $30.85 billion by 2022; frozen segment largest share in 2017

Related imageAccording to information published in a new report “Potato Processing Market – Global Forecast to 2022”, published by MarketsandMarkets™, the global potato processing market was valued at $22.74 billion in 2016, and is projected to reach $30.85 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 5.3% during the forecast period. The market for potato processing is showing a significant growth due to the rise in demand for applications such as snack foods and prepared ready meals, and because of the increase in consumer preferences for convenience foods. The authors of the Report say an increase in the number of retail channels such as hypermarkets and supermarkets; rapid growth of the fast food industry; industrialization policies (such as the FDI and the establishment of Export Processing Zones) adopted by governments of developing economies such as India and China, are also expected to drive the growth of the Potato Processing Market during the forecast period. Continue reading

Global demand for french fries growing; processors expand capacity

Image result for french friesIn a news story published by the Canadian based potato magazine Spudsmart, it is said that “hot, convenient and delicious fast food” is what’s driving the growing global demand for frozen potato products such as french fries. According to the article, Bruce Huffaker, potato market analyst and publisher of North American Potato Market News, says the biggest current growth markets for french fries are Brazil and several countries in both the Pacific Rim and Middle East. While Europe offers aggressive pricing, good currency value and some transportation advantages, Huffaker says North America’s biggest advantages are quality and consistency. However, Huffaker believes North American processors need to further develop shipping lanes to some of the major markets to reduce costs.  Continue reading

Scientists around the world focus on zebra chip disease and potato tomato psyllid

Potato crisps exhibiting Zebra chipFor the past number of years, many potato researchers in several countries around the world have been focusing on the problem of zebra chip disease of potatoes, and the insect that transmit this disease to spud tubers, the potato tomato psyllid. Zebra chip became a serious problem for many potato growers and processors alike during the past few years in many potato producing countries, including North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Zebra chip is caused by the Liberibacter bacterium and spread by tiny, winged insects called potato psyllids – and it creates bands in tuber flesh that darken during frying. University of Idaho (UI) researchers are studying reflections of various light wavelengths off of zebra chip-infected potatoes, seeking to devise a quicker and more precise method of quantifying disease prevalence. Continue reading

Report: Global Frozen Potatoes Market, 2017 – 2022

This up-to-date research report on the Global Frozen Potato Market is said to portray a detailed and fundamental market overview about current and future developments in the Frozen Potato market. The Report offers a thorough analysis of different Frozen Potato market segments, such as an overview of dominant key players and their vision about the future, including companies such as Farm Frites, Simplot Foods, Conagra Foods and McCain Foods. The report provides concise knowledge of the Frozen Potato market on a global scale, based on the past and present size of the Frozen Potato market, as welll as forecast scenarios, presented as graphs, tables, and pie-charts to help those interested in the Frozen Potato market to make sound decisions. More

Weird News: Selecta Potato Chips creates the world’s first sparkling wine flavoured potato chips

Just when you thought there is no more unique (and weird) flavours that can be imitated by the potato chips industry, along comes Spanish company Patatas Torres with a fusion of sparkling wine and chips…  The company recently released the world’s first sparkling wine potato chips and they’ve gotten people very excited! The chips are described as having “a fruity flavour with a slight bubbling effect.” That bubbling effect comes from the popping candy which is added to the chips to give them that sparkling wine flare. Patatas Torres lists the ingredients on their website: Potatoes, sunflower oil, sparkling wine flavouring (6%), popping candy (1%), and flavour enhancer. The company are known for their creative flavours – they’ve also made caviar, ham, and olive oil among others.

Video: “Managers who coach” – McCain Foods managers on the benefits of a ‘coaching style’ of leadership

In this video, entitled “Managers who coach”, several managers from McCain Foods talk about the impact that a coaching style of management and leadership in the workplace has had on them personally, and the benefits for their teams, and their teams’ performance generally because of a ‘coaching management style’. The managers featured in the video took part in coaching style training presented by consulting company Starr Consulting in the UK. The company’s coaching and development programmes for corporate managers and leaders are based on the work of renowned personal development practitioner and founder of Starr Consulting, Julie StarrContinue reading

Global Snack Market Report: ‘Sector anticipated to register steady expansion; revenues to increase as well’

Snacks MarketThe global snacks market sector is anticipated to register a steady expansion, according to the latest report by Fact.MR. The report estimates market revenues to increase at a steady rate during the forecast period. Currently, consumers are more concerned about their snacking habits. Earlier, snacks were considered to be stop-gap food between meals. At present, they are being consumed with meals across many developed economies. This has led to a higher adoption of healthy snacking products such as extruded snacks, on the back of their metabolic benefits. Intense competition is expected to prevail in the global snacks market, owing to continuously changing spending patterns of consumers, local and national economic conditions, and demographic trends. North America is expected to remain dominant in the global snacks market in terms of revenues, while the market in Europe is expected to be in the order of US$ 4,979.2 Mn between 2017 and 2022. Supermarkets/hypermarkets is expected to remain the largest distribution channels for snacks. More

Japanese snack maker Calbee to stabilize output by growing potatoes in rice fields

Faced with having to stabilize the supply of potatoes for its chips production, Japanese snack maker Calbee is increasing the amount of the crop it grows in rice fields. Paddy-field potatoes are mainly grown in Kyushu, Japan’s southernmost main island, but Calbee also plans to start cultivating them in the northern regions of Hokkaido and Tohoku.  Continue reading

McCain Foods embraces analytics to transform the way they do business

Image result for mccain foodsHear Roman Coba, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of McCain Foods, talk about how MicroStrategy, an enterprise analytics and mobility company, has enabled McCain Foods to completely transform their business – from developing a single enterprise reporting environment, to improving safety on the production line, to helping sales and marketing better understand McCain’s customers and prospects. Watch the video below or find it on YouTube… Also watch a related video entitled McCain Foods Integrating Data from the Plant to the Boardroom to Increase the Bottom Line  Continue reading

‘A dedicated focus on kids’ the reason for Potato Corner’s global french fry success, says CEO

ABS/CBN News reports from Manila in the Philippines that Potato Corner CEO Joe Magsaysay built the french fries brand into a global franchise business with annual sales of P1 billion. The business today has more than 500 outlets in the Philippines and around the world. In a publication by the Asian Institute of Management, where he obtained a masters degree in entrepreneurship, Magsaysay shared how he, as a 25-year-old food cart pioneer, succeeded in his quest. “If you want a brand to stick, market it to kids,” Magsaysay said, adding that the current millennial customers of Potato Corner are the same children who bought his products when it started 24 years ago. “When you market to teenagers and adults, they will shift to the next big thing. But kids? No, once you get them, they’re yours for life,” he said.  Continue reading

US: Dieffenbach’s Potato Chips partners with VivaKids to fight hunger around the world

Image result for uglies potato chipsDieffenbach’s Potato Chips, based in Pennsylvania, announced that they will be partnering with VivaKids to help fight hunger around the world by reducing food waste. “We are extremely excited about partnering with VivaKids, in conjunction with launching our new brand of kettle chips, called ‘UGLIES,'” said Nevin Dieffenbach, CEO of Dieffenbach’s Potato Chips. The “UGLIES” brand is focused on reducing food waste to fulfill the purpose of feeding the hungry. As reported by National Geographic, “About a third of the planet’s food goes to waste, often because of its looks. That’s enough to feed two billion people.” The partnership with VivaKids aligns the purpose of the “Uglies” brand with the purpose of VivaKids. “We believe there couldn’t be a better match,” said Dwight Zimmerman, VP of Sales and Marketing at Dieffenbach’s. The concept of the “Uglies” brand goes back generations within the Dieffenbach Family. Continue reading

Acrylamide: Save our fries! Belgians say EU spares national dish

Image result for Save our fries! Belgians say EU spares national dishAccording to a Reuters report, Belgium’s national dish, the deep fried potato sticks that much of the English-speaking world gallingly calls “French fries“, has been saved. So, at least, the national government said last week as the European Union agreed to amend food safety rules aimed at curbing cancer. Belgium’s farm minister claimed the EU will now spare the nation’s “friteries” from having to change traditional preparation methods. “The Belgian fry is saved! Europe has listened to Belgium,” Agriculture Minister Willy Borsus said in a statement. In a statement issued in Brussels, the European Commission said EU governments had agreed to its proposals to force cafes and restaurants to apply measures aimed at reducing the presence of carcinogenic acrylamide in food. Frying, baking and roasting produce the substance out of natural acids and sugars. Some argue that Belgium’s traditional method of frying potatoes twice to get crunchy chips creates more acrylamide. Reuters report

McCain Foods makes food production more efficient at New Zealand potato processing plant

One of McCain Foods' food processing plants found more than 100 energy opportunities by inviting staff to an 'energy blitz'Most businesses can save serious money by improving energy efficiency. The first wins can be easy – but then what comes next? One of McCain Foods’ food processing plants found more than 100 energy opportunities by inviting staff to an ‘energy blitz’. McCain’s french fry plant near Timaru operates 24/7, turning 146,000 tonnes of locally-grown potatoes into frozen chips every year. Expectations for water and energy management are high. The plant has an Environmental Management System in place and is currently ISO14001:2015 certified. Quilliam and his team decided to run an ‘Energy & Water Blitz’ – a short, sharp hunt for opportunities run over two days. Twenty people from all over the business were invited to take part, including management, maintenance, factory floor and administration staff. More