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Canada: McCain Foods seeks to improve farming with drone technology

McCain Foods and Resson Aerospace of Fredericton are using drone technology for what they hope will be the biggest innovation in farming in decades. The drones are being flown over potato fields to collect information that can help farmers reduce spraying and increase yields. “We put all this data into once container that our super computer can crunch,” said Rishin Behl, the engineer behind the software.


Idaho spud market collapses

Idaho’s fresh potato prices have fallen nearly $6 per hundredweight in the past couple of weeks, and industry can find no explanation for the decline. Idaho’s fresh potato industry has seen markets collapse over the last two or three weeks, and no one seems to know why. “There are as many theories as there are people,” said Bruce Huffaker, publisher of North American Potato Market News.


Cyprus: Potato problems

See on – Potato News Hundreds of families are facing financial ruin due to the commercial failure of this year’s potato harvest. One example can be seen at a privately-owned packaging […]