Colorado hoping NAFTA can open more of Mexico to spuds

colorJim Ehrlich, executive director of the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee says in a report on marketing potatoes in Mexico, “The goal of the project was simply to increase Colorado potato exports to Mexico by providing support to Colorado potato shippers and growers. To achieve the goal we had three key objectives: Hiring a local Mexican consultant…; Working with this consultant to gather information on Mexican potato consumption … and consumers; Taking and sharing the information that was gathered to develop relationships with Mexican potato importers and retailers…” Mexico is a major market for Colorado’s fresh potatoes, and loads are allowed into a 26-kilometer border zone approved for imports. Reassurance has reportedly come from the office of Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue concerning NAFTA and the inclusion of potato exports in trade discussions. More

US: Potato marketers see lower volumes, firm pricing

Tough growing conditions in some regions — and a wide range of temperatures during harvest — led to a U.S. potato crop that marketers describe as about average.Tough growing conditions in some regions — and a wide range of temperatures during harvest — led to a U.S. potato crop that marketers describe as about average. “This year we faced a few obstacles, with frequent springtime rains and higher-than-normal fall temperatures,” said Tim Huffcutt, marketing director with the Bancroft, Wis.-based Russet Potato Exchange Inc. “It affected the overall potato crop portfolio, but we are grateful to be experiencing average yields per acre.” Quality is high, Huffcutt said. “In fact, new crop red potatoes have been some of the best we have seen.” In Friesland, Wis., Alsum Farms & Produce finished its harvest later than normal on Oct. 26 because of unseasonably warm temperatures that reached into the 90s. “Overall, the size profile is larger in size (than) previous years,” said Christine Lindner, national sales and marketing manager with Alsum Farms. More

US seed potatoes welcomed in foreign markets

Potatoes USA is apparantly breaking new ground in Senegal, Guatemala, Myanmar, and Morocco by introducing new U.S. seed potato varieties over the past two years. These foreign governments are assisting the effort by welcoming more U.S. seed stock in a variety of ways following our International Seed Potato Symposium and state visits this summer. (The Senegalese went to California, the Guatemalans to Washington/Oregon, the Moroccans to Idaho and the growers from Myanmar to Wisconsin.)  Within days of returning from the USA, Senegal’s National Horticulture Director announced a farm subsidy of up to 30% to defray growers cost to purchase U.S. seed potatoes.  In Myanmar, U.S. seed potatoes (and fresh) became the first American horticulture products to be approved under new phytosanitary requirements.  Continue reading

Potato prices slump in India’s Punjab province

Potato prices in India’s Punjab province have plummeted to abysmally low levels leaving farmers distressed. The crop is being sold in the wholesale market at around Rs 2.5 per kg, sometimes even less. Punjab is staring at a repeat of the 2015 winter when farmers dumped hundreds of tonnes of potatoes onto the streets as a mark of protest amid falling prices. Farmers have now again threatened to throw their crop onto the streets in case the government does not intervene with viable solutions. The glut in cold storages has escalated the crisis. Farmers stocked their unsold produce early this year hoping they will get adequate remunerative price later. But that has not been the case. Reports suggest many farmers have even abandoned their stocks lying in cold storage. Hordes of tractor trolleys stocked with potato crop on roads have become a common sight in Punjab. Farmer associations have urged the government to work towards exporting the crop to Pakistan through the Attari-Wagha border. More

Belgium to join Indonesian food expo to boost fries exports

Belgium to join Indonesian food expo to boost fries exportsThe Belgian Potato Trade and Processing Industry Federation (Belgapom) will take part in the major Indonesian food expo SIAL Interfood 2017 to be held at the Jakarta International (JI) Expo Kemayoran in Central Jakarta from Wednesday to Saturday, in an effort to boost its frozen-potato sales. Belgapom representative Wouter Trybou said it was part of a two-year campaign to boost exports of Belgian fries. The five exporters of fries that will join the event are Agristo, Bart’s Potato Company, Clarebout Potatoes, Ecofrost and Mydibel. “This year is the first year of our campaign. We’re targeting B2B [business to business] transactions in food services, the retail sector and quick-service restaurants. Next year, we’ll target more in the retail sector,” he told a press briefing on Monday. More

UK: New Potato Data Center said to be “game-changer for growers and the supply chain”

Harvesting2The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board’s (AHDB) new Potato Data Centre (PDC) gets underway later this month. The tool, which allows growers and those in the supply chain to examine data on price, variety, planted area, market sector and yield, will be available from November 22 when it debuts at the “soil-to-shelf” potato industry event, BP2017, held in London. PDC comes as prices hit a three-year low due to a four percent increase in planted area combined with reportedly above-average yields. “This is a real game-changer for growers and the supply chain,” said Rob Clayton, strategy director at AHDB Potatoes. The data on PDC comes from AHDB’s annual levy return forms, as well as price information from weekly calls to growers and purchases made by members of a recently expanded team. More

Australia: Hope for seed potato exports to Egypt

Department of Agriculture's Andrew Taylor, potato grower Kon Peos, WA Potatoes Simon Moltoni and potato growers Patrick Fox and Aaron Chapman will travel to Egypt this year to investigate a possible export arrangement for seed potatoes.Western Australia’s potato growers and industry representatives have joined forces to investigate a 10,000-tonne seed potato export agreement with Egypt as a way to reinvigorate the industry. A delegation will travel to Egypt before the end of the year to discuss the proposal. Egypt is the world’s biggest certified producer of imported seed potatoes and supplies about 100,000 tonnes annually to Europe. “They have four plantings each year in Egypt and have some trouble sometimes, which is where we would fit in,” Mr Moltoni said. “It’s during their July planting, which is our autumn harvest and peak growing period.” Mr Moltoni said there was much to work out, from potato requirements to trade specifications. A selection of growers participated in a workshop about the proposal. More

Stats show New Zealand potato prices nearly doubled in the last 10 years

The price of potatoes in New Zealand has almost doubled in the last 10 years, according to Statistics New Zealand. In 2006, potatoes cost $1.10 a kilo, that had risen to $2.10 in September this year. Potato prices hit a 10-year high of $2.25 a kilo in January this year. Retail price of potatoes in New Zealand. Potato prices hit a 10-year high of $2.25 a kilo in January this year. Unseasonable weather created planting and harvesting problems this month, leading to a shortage of potatoes used for crisps. Potatoes New Zealand chief executive Chris Claridge said last week that potato farmers we’re about 20 per cent behind on planting across the country because of wet weather. More

US retail records growth for potatoes in August

USA total potato retail performance recorded growth in August 2017, according to Total Store Monthly Potato Report August 2017, by Potatoes USA. The dollars growth in the category Fresh Potatoes was mainly driven by “other” (+41.3%), “yellow” (+11.0%) and “red” (+4.1%) potatoes. The yellow potatoes drove the majority of the volume growth, comparing to the same period a year ago. Frozen potatoes growth was majorly driven by Tarter Tots, in both dollars and volume sales. The increased sales in Deli Potatoes is mainly from Potato Salad which holds the highest share. More

Idaho potato growers weigh options for boosting fry profits

For the past several years, grower margins have consistently declined in Idaho to the point they are no longer sufficient to maintain a stable business environment for growers’ long-term financial future. For the four-year period including crop years 2014 through 2017, pricing has plummeted 7 percent (down 70 cents a cwt.) Processors use the bargaining group to set an advertised price and then present growers with different options to leverage an even cheaper raw product price. Some growers have been offered multiple-year contracts at a discounted price. Others, a joint venture where profits are split between the producer and the buyer. The question needs to be asked whether these multi-year contracts make sense for the grower and the industry as a whole given the current demand for frozen potato products from a domestic and global perspective. Where do these multi-year purchasing programs leave the potato industry in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest? More

10,000 tonnes of PCN infected potatoes banned entry into Jordanian market

The Ministry of Agriculture on Sunday said that a shipment at Aqaba Port carrying 10,000 tonnes of allegedly worm-infested potatoes will not be allowed into the country. Ministry spokesperson Nimer Haddadin explained that the owner of the shipment did not obtain an importing licence from officials and that the potatoes have not been tested at the ministry’s labs. The government official noted that as long as the importer does not have an importing licence, the shipment will not be  allowed into the country. The potatoes appear to be infested with the potato cyst nematode, which is a soil worm that lives on the roots of some crops, according to Oran, who expressed fears that the pest will infect the country’s soil. More

Report: 5 Key insights on the frozen potato market through 2022

global-frozen-potato-market.jpgAccording to a new study by Fact.MR,  global frozen potato market for frozen potato is estimated to bring in US$ 60,109.5 million revenue by 2022 end. The market is projected to register moderate growth of 4.0% CAGR during the forecast period 2017-2022. The growing business of quick service restaurants and increase in disposable income of consumers are some of the key factors fuelling the growth of the frozen potato market globally. Manufacturers are focusing on using advanced technology for refrigeration at the right temperature, thereby preserving frozen potato for a longer period of time. Some insights discussed in the report show how the global frozen potato market will perform in the next five years. Europe is expected to dominate the global frozen potato market, and North America is expected to emerge as the second most lucrative market. By the end of 2022, modern trade is projected to exceed US$ 25,100 million revenue. More

Canada: Alberta potato growers invited to take part in Thailand trade mission

Alberta seed potato companies are invited to participate in a market development mission to Thailand from November 19-27, 2017. The mission will include stops in Bangkok, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, Thailand to meet with importers, distributors and potential customers as well as touring local potato farm operations. “This mission will profile Alberta as a reliable producer of high quality, low virus seed potatoes,” says Rachel Luo, senior trade and relations officer, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. “This will be the first market development mission focused on seed potato suppliers to Thailand since Alberta was granted market access last year.” To be eligible to participate in this mission, companies should be providers of seed potatoes and interested in the Thai marketplace. More

U.S. exports more frozen, dehydrated and fresh potatoes

Exports of frozen, dehydrated and fresh potatoes in July 2017 all showed gains compared to July 2016, according to Potatoes USA. The volume of frozen exports was up 1%, with the value up 3% to USD94m. The volume of exports of dehydrated potatoes was up 12% and the value up 12% to USD17m. Fresh potato export volume was up 51% with the value up 41% to USD33m. Exports of frozen potato products to Mexico and Japan continued their recent recovery and were up 11% and 10% respectively. Korea up 10%, Malaysia up 10% the Philippines up 13% all continued the strong growth from last marketing year. Fresh exports (both table-stock and chip-stock) had a lot of positive growth in July 2017 compared to 2016, with the largest fresh export market, Canada up 49%. More

First potato trading pool in Belgium opened

Based on this year’s harvest, the potato pool of RTL Patat has started, the first potato company to do so in Belgium. This season also shows that there’s a need for this way of trading. The sector is plagued by severe drought, but Remy Tanghe of RTL Patat expects the main harvest to be good. Late last year, potato company RTL Patat announced they were starting a potato pool. A potato pool is quite common in the Netherlands, but the company from West-Flanders is the first to start this in Belgium. “Normally, a grower wants to sell their product at as high a price as possible, and a buyer wants to buy it is cheaply as possibly. With the pool we want to look after the interests of our growers. It’s a different way of trading. The growers who have joined us are rewarded with a percentage of the payout price, with which we guarantee them we’ll do everything to achieve the highest possible price,” says Remy Tanghe. More