Videos: Planting no-till potatoes

Image result for planting no-till potatoesEver wondered if it is indeed possible to plant potatoes the no-till way, and if so, how it’s done? Here are two videos from farms in Pennsylvania in the US which shows how such an operation can indeed be done with specialized equipment and dedicated crew members. The first  is video footage of a potato planting operation at Red Hill Farms in Pitman, PA. These potatoes were planted with a subsoiler into beds established last fall and planted into a cereal rye cover crop. The second is a no-till potato planting shot at Faihopity Farms in Berwick, PA. The main concern here is to produce high quality potatoes that are both healthy for the people who eat them and regenerative to the land.

Foliar potato diseases: Early blight

In this video, Dr. Jeff Miller of Miller Research in Rupert, Idaho provides a a brief explanation of Early Blight in potato and how to manage the pathogen. Dr Miller says that early blight usually starts at the bottom of the plants and works its way up. He further says that early blight is often closely related to the nutrition of the crop, and that good fertility can delay the onset of the disease significantly. Watch video

Videos of potato crop production

  • A short film about a potato farmer in East Anglia in the UK who grows ‘early’ potatoes for McCain Oven Chips. Watch video
  • Growing potatoes, from field to supermarket: This film shows the potato growing process, from planting to harvesting, and how the potatoes end up on the supermarket shelf. Watch video
  • For many of us, the potato is a big part of our diet. The average American eats about 100 pounds of potatoes each year. Idaho is famous for its potatoes, and it’s one of the largest producers of the crop. This video shows the great deal of research and hard work that ultimately brings the spuds to your table. Watch video
  • How Does it Grow? Follow America’s favorite vegetable from field to factory — to see how potatoes grow and how they’re turned into chips. Watch video
  • Processing potato production with Eden Irrigation (UK). Watch video
  • 16 Row Massive Potato Harvest with John Deere and Spudnik. Carl Taylor from Taylor Farms in Idaho Falls, Idaho, presenting Spudniks 16 row harvesting system. With eight 6 row windrowers and four 4 row harvesters they are able to harvest between 400 – 450 acres a day. Watch video

A growing Agrico highlights its added value for customers

Agrico exhibited at Fruit Logistica in Berlin from Wednesday 8 to Friday 10 February 2017. During this leading international trade fair, Agrico, together with its subsidiaries, demonstrated its strength with a growing range of varieties. At the event Agrico emphasized the power of the contribution it makes to the natural growth of all its customers. Continual investment in variety development at its own Research Centre, has enabled Agrico to develop a broad, mature range of varieties. Agrico offers a tried and tested variety to suit every type of customer and each climate zone. This stable and versatile range of varieties means that Agrico can provide each customer with the right variety. Agrico also offers optimal support in maximising the potential of all its varieties. For example, all the advice on cultivation is customised to suit the situation, demands and language of individual customers. During the trade fair in Berlin, the spotlights were on two varieties with a proven track record of success. More. Watch video

Videos: Manitoba Potato Production Days – A venue for retailers in Canada to promote latest in potato production products and equipment

Manitoba Potato Production days is an annual event in Canada that provides a venue for retailers to promote the latest in potato production products and equipment. The latest event took place January 24 – 26 in the province of Manitoba. Follow the links below and watch the videos to hear about the newest service and product offerings, how they work and who benefits.
Learn about the RiteTrace Fully Automated Track & Trace System: Bill Menkveld from Greentronics walks you through this new system from harvest, unloading, through the grading line, to precise locations in storage. Watch video
Discover the Automation of potato packing facilities: Harm Geurs and Peter Rozendaal have you covered from automation, bagging, factory 4.0, robotics, and more. Watch video
Discover Atom-Jet’s Potato Hiller Tines: Listen to Terry Drayson as he discusses how Atom-Jet’s innovative agricultural tools are built to last. Watch video
More videos are available on the Spud Smart magazine web site, including presentations by Omex, BASF Canada, Meridian, Canadian Food Grains Bank, Mooij Agro, and more. Visit this page to access the videos.

UAV’s: How an Idaho farmer uses drones for more effective crop management

Image result for farm dronesIn this YouTube video you can watch how Idaho farmer, Robert Blair applies unmanned aircraft (drones) to better his farming operation. Blair sees this modern change in technology and innovation as a new frontier, even for farming, and he hopes to create a new trend in agricultural technology in the US and around the world. Watch video
Watch more videos about the use of drones in farming:
Agricultural Drones to make big impact
Drones and the Future of Farming
Practical farm drone use
From Drone To Tractor – How Using A Precision Farming UAV Can Improve Crop Management
Japan’s Agricultural Drones
Getting Started with the DroneDeploy and FlyingAg systems

Video: Scab resistance and good processing qualities of potatoes

Sunrise Potato has been growing potatoes in Alliston, eastern Canada for the past 23 years. They know a thing or two about producing the “perfect” potato. FlyPress Films has been working with owner/partner Dr Peter VanderZaag to create a mini video series highlighting each stage of the potato process, from planting, to harvest, to storage in his state of the art potato storage facility. Peter shares many insights on how they have been able to minimize their impact on the environment while still running an economically viable farm and yielding a suitable crop for the chipping industry. This video deals with scab resistance of potatoes and how to produce a good processing crop. Watch YouTube video

Video: Disease management – ‘Rhizoctonia solani’, a serious disease of potatoes

This video, featuring a field presentation by Dr. Jeff Miller of Miller Research in Idaho, provides his description of Rhizoctonia solani in potato fields and how growers can manage this nasty pathogen. Dr Miller says that Rhizoctonia solani in a potato crop is a pretty serious disease and can affect both the stems and the tubers of potato plants – like many growers know from experience. Dr Miller provides helpful hints on how growers can potentially manage Rhizoctonia solani – known by many potato growers simply as “Rhizoc” – when it is present in any of their potato fields. Watch YouTube video

India: The Central Potato Research Institute (CPRI) at a glance – ‘In tune with the times’

Image result for shimla potato research instituteThe CPRI (Central Potato Research Institute) was established in 1949 in India. Since then it became a world-renowned and well respected research institute for potato research, potato breeding and potato development efforts in all. The headquarters of CPRI was shifted to Shimla in 1956 because this location provided the ideal conditions for producing and maintaining healthy potato seed and breeding new varieties from an extensive potato genetic base, especially given the altitude and the particular climate in the hills of Shimla – which provided the ideal conditions for potato production and seed multipication. CPRI’s infrastructure grew hugely from hereon… Watch video for more.

Video: Agri-Technology – What will potato stores of the future look like?

This is the opinion of potato storage specialist Todd Forbush from the US. He is discussing his ideas on the future of potato storage facilities, relying on data gathered during the contact he had with many potato growers in several countries around the world, surveying many of them. Watch the video and listen to the presentation here.

Video: AHDB Agronomists’ Conference 2016 – Potatoes

Image result for ahdbThe AHDB Agronomists’ Conference 2016 was held on Dec 7 – 8 in the Peterborough Arena in the UK. This is a two-day technical conference covering the latest agronomy related research developments. The conference is designed to make people think a little differently about agronomy. Across the two days, around 300 delegates – predominantly agronomists, advisers and BASIS-qualified growers – gathered to hear respected researchers present evidence-based papers. This video, filmed during the 2016 Conference and published on the AHDB YouTube channel, contains all presentations, although viewers can select individual presentations of choice to watch. Presentations include:

  • John Sarup: Blight in 2016
  • Siobhan Dancey: Blight alerts
  • Sebastian Eves van den Akker: PCN
  • Phil Burgess: Helping agronomists deliver
  • Mark Stalhan: Marginal gains – Research in practice
  • David Cooke: Blight populations
  • Matt Back: PCN populations
  • Jenny Bashford: Water access
  • James Daw: Innovation in action

Access the video on the AHDB YouTube channel

Potato Expo 2017: Potato Business Summit presentations now available online

One of the best attended events at the recent Potato Expo event in San Francisco was the Potato Business Summit presented by the United Potato Growers of America.  All of the presentations were video recorded.  These videos along with their PowerPoint slide presentations are now available online at no charge.  The presentations include:

  • World/Domestic Commodity and Economic Outlook
    Stephen Nicholson, Rabobank
  • World/Domestic Frozen Market Outlook
    Steve Patterson, JR Simplot Co.
  • World/Domestic Fertilizer Market Outlook
    Wayne Welter, JR Simplot Co.
  • World/Domestic Dehy Market Outlook
    Drew Facer, Idahoan Foods
  • European Production Outlook
    Cedric Porter, World Potato Markets
  • Retail and Foodservice Trends
    Ross Johnson, Potatoes USA
  • Farming Technology Outlook
    Deanna Kovar, John Deere
  • 2016 Review and 2017 Fresh Potato Outlook
    Mark Klompien, United Potato Growers of America

Presentations can be accessed from the Potato Business Summit web site.

New McDonald’s french-fry video stars Idaho potato farmer, a Simplot supplier

McDonald’s chefs Jessica Foust and Dan Coudreaut toured Noble Farms in Glenns Ferry.In 1967, Idaho potato magnate J.R. Simplot shook hands with McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc, sealing a deal that made Simplot the first frozen french-fry supplier to the fast-food chain. That deal brought billions of dollars to the Idaho economy. Until then, McDonald’s had purchased only fresh potatoes. The J.R. Simplot Co. had supplied about 20 percent of the spuds that became McDonald’s fries. By convincing Kroc that frozen fries would deliver consistency and overcome a shortage of Russet Burbank potatoes in the summer, Simplot instantly became McDonald’s largest spud supplier. A McDonald’s marketing video released Nov. 11 offers a glimpse into the Boise company’s role without mentioning Simplot. The video features a Glenns Ferry potato farmer, Mark Noble, discussing potatoes with two McDonald’s chefs. Noble sells those potatoes to Simplot for processing into frozen fries. Since the legendary handshake, Simplot has diversified and grown into an international agribusiness that grossed $5.8 billion in sales last year. McDonald’s remains its largest customer. More

US: Harvest and minimizing foreign material in potatoes – On-line educational videos now available

Foreign material is any material that is not the potato tuber itself. It is “trash” or “garbage” in potatoes. Many foreign materials originate in the field, but others enter the product stream through equipment and during storage and handling. Whether potatoes are destined for the fresh market or processing, foreign material is a great concern to the Idaho potato industry. By minimizing foreign material in the field, in storage, and in the processing plant, growers and processors help maintain a high-quality product, safe standards, and consumer confidence. The video “Continuing to Manage Foreign Material for Quality Idaho Potatoes” outlines ways you can reduce unwanted or foreign material in your potatoes. English version
Spanish version
Additional information

Video: Ethylene – Its potential for use alongside CIPC in potato storages

In this video, Dr Glyn Harper (Potato Pathologist at Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research in the UK) presents on the promising findings from AHDB Potatoes’ project ‘R464: Ethylene for Processing’, showing the potential for use of ethylene in combination with CIPC as an effective sprout control strategy for potatoes. Watch the video on YouTube

McDonald’s Japan’s chocolate covered fries: ‘it works’ – video review

YouTube vlogger Chris Broad reviews McDonald’s Japan’s chocolate covered fries on his channel, Abroad in Japan. While the combination of deep-fried potato and sugary condiment is unlikely to impress dieticians, the fast-food chain’s Japan unit is hoping the arrival of McChoco Potatoes will counteract a slew of bad news about its performance in the world’s third-biggest economy. More