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I wish to welcome you to Potato News Today! Thank you for taking valuable time to visit here – I do hope you find it to be worth your while. We do our best to provide you with a daily-updated account of breaking news stories from around the world as these come to our attention. The site is published and maintained by me, Lukie Pieterse.

I sacrificed my own farming operation in South Africa 23 years ago when I decided to emigrate to Canada in order to bring up my two beautiful young children (babies back then) in this wonderful and most civilized country in the world. I am happy to say that today they are two great young Canadian adults (and I still dream often about the potato operation I left behind…)

Although I have a doctorate degree in the social sciences, potatoes always were the love of my life. I grew all my potatoes under drip irrigation for many years in South Africa, and mainly contracted with the major french fry and chip processors in that country at the time, including McCain Foods, Frito-Lay, Heinz and a couple of others. 

I launched many potato related websites since I became a “netizen” during the advent of the Internet in 1996 here in Canada (it was not possible to start farming again when I came here). Potato News Today is one of those, and was launched in January 2014. Today, the site is visited daily by literally hundreds of potato industry folks from around the world, and regarded by many as the go-to site for daily potato related news. I do my best to source and post breaking, sensible news stories, and do that for the better part of 7 days a week.

Please feel free to get in touch with me and send along potato related news stories and/or press releases from your region or your country – I will get the word out without a doubt!

I will be real happy to hear from you in person, or if you might want to advertise your company or organization on Potato News Today – contact me at any time to discuss details.

We can also arrange for a news feed to your website. If you have an interest, I will then post relevant potato related news items to your website daily in order to keep it updated with new and breaking potato news stories on a regular basis. Please get in touch with me to discuss this potential for your website. Here is an example of a website where I deliver a daily potato news feed. And here is another example.

Spud greetings for now from eastern Canada! Feel free to get in touch?
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