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I wish to welcome you to Potato News Today! Thank you for taking the time to visit – I do hope it is worth your while. Here you will find a daily-updated account of breaking news stories from around the World of Potatoes. The site is published and maintained by me, Lukie Pieterse. I left my own potato farming operation behind in South Africa 22 years ago when I emigrated to Canada. Needless to say, I loved farming and still miss my potato operation to this very day…

Over the years I wore many hats in the potato industry here in Canada and several countries abroad – as consultant for hands-on potato related projects, and also as editor, freelance writer, blogger and online news curator, working with several potato companies and print publishers in North America and Europe. I launched Potato News Today in early 2014, and was recently asked to function as Editor-in-Chief of a new print magazine aimed at the international potato community, Global Potato News.

I source hundreds of online news sources daily to find news stories that I regard as sensible and relevant to share with folks visiting Potato News Today. If you wish to receive instant updates, please activate the Follow button in the menu on the right, and an email with a brief summary of each news item will then be emailed to you.

I will be happy to hear from you if your company or organization have potato industry press releases or any information of interest to potato industry folks that you wish to see published here, as well as on my social media channels, including LinkedIn and Twitter: @potatonewstoday

Of course I do hope that you enjoy reading Potato News Today. It is a labour of love and not sponsored by anyone but myself – because I love potatoes and care for the industry at large. Feel free to get in touch!

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