Is PepsiCo really 50 years old? Maybe, or maybe not

PepsiCo Inc. has taken the 50th year of its founding to run a series of advertisements to celebrate the occasion. The trouble is that the claim is not entirely accurate, at least to the extent to which Pepsi-Cola was first a product in 1898 and then a company called Pepsi-Cola in 1902. PepsiCo has, for some reason, has used its merger with Frito-Lay, which was founded in 1961, maybe, based on PepsiCo’s convenient memory of history, to create a birthday. More

McDonald’s diners are still staying away in droves

The world’s largest restaurant chain has reported another month of poor U.S. sales. The much hoped for McDonald’s turnaround can’t come soon enough. The struggling hamburger chain reported that comparable sales in its biggest market, the United States, fell 2.2% in May, much worse than the 1.7% Wall Street analysts were anticipating, according to Consensus Metrix. This is the last time McDonald’s will report monthly sales. Beginning next month, the company will only report on a quarterly basis. More

India: Certified potato seed to be provided for free to select farmers

The Department of Horticulture has launched a programme of promoting the sowing of certified potato seeds in Hassan. All these years, farmers were getting table potatoes from Punjab for sowing. On an experimental basis, the department has procured 136 quintals of certified seeds from Gurdaspur in Punjab, which will be distributed among a select group of 65 potato growers in the district. More

US: Potato leafhoppers arrive sooner due to climate change

The potato leafhopper (Empoasca fabae) is a tiny insect with a bright lime-green color that helps it blend in against plant leaves. Despite its unassuming appearance, this little pest causes big headaches for farmers across the eastern half of the United States. By feeding voraciously on many crops, including potatoes, green beans, and alfalfa, the migratory potato leafhopper causes untold millions of dollars in damage every year. Now, a study by entomologists at the University of Maryland and Queens College at the City University of New York suggests that climate warming could be making this problem worse. More

Ireland: Former Tesco potato supplier fails to have action against supermarket fast-tracked

tescoA former potato supplier to supermarket giant Tesco has failed to have an action for alleged breach of contract and personal injuries entered into the fast track Commercial Court list. Paul Sweeney, trading as Paul Sweeney & Co, Newcastle, Co Dublin, is suing Tesco Ireland claiming he spent millions between 1998 and 2006 investing in facilities based on an agreement to supply potatoes for the Irish stores but which the supermarket firm terminated without reasonable notice. Mr Sweeney is also claiming damages for bullying, nervous shock, assault and battery arising out of meetings and contacts with a Tesco executive during negotiations on the agreement to supply the stores. More

Aardappelprijs Alvantho onder niveau 2014

Terwijl het aardappelseizoen vorig jaar in mineurstemming begon bij aardappelveiling Alvantho op het Zeeuwse Sint-Annaland, is dat dit seizoen totaal anders. Alhoewel de prijzen niet eens zoveel verschillen met de lage resultaten van de primeuraardappeloogst 2014. Zo bracht Dore met een aanvoer van 1800 kisten 0,60 tot 0,66 cent op. Dat is zelfs iets minder dan in 2014 toen deze aardappel het met 0,65 tot 0,68 cent moest doen. Meer

Potatoes won over skeptical but hungry Europeans

How important are potatoes? Pretty important. Not the most important: According to Smithsonian Magazine, potatoes rank fifth on the essential scale, following wheat, corn, rice and sugar cane. But even if more people today depend on wheat or corn for survival, potatoes have had a tremendous run: Historian William McNeill believes the potato’s capacity to feed rapidly growing European populations from 1750-1950 is what allowed a few Western nations to rule the world. Europeans were initially skeptical of the potato. But the potato’s contributions to the food supply ultimately won over the holdouts. More